Inbound-Message Received

An inbound message is a mobile message routed from an end user's mobile device and delivered to a mobile phone or an application. You can receive the inbound messages directly in your application using Termii's Webhook Notiifcation. Add your webhook url in your termii developer console

typeThe classification of message that is received
idThe ID of the request sent
message_idRepresents the ID of the message received
receiverThe destination phone number
senderIt represents the source or sender of the message
messageText of a message that would be sent to the destination phone number
received_atTime the message sent was received
costThe amount charged for the message received
statusThe status of the message received
channelThis is the route through which the message is received. It is either dnd, whatsapp, or generic

Webhook Notification Data

    {  "type":"inbound",
       "message":"Great ",
Updated at, Wednesday, May 22, 2024